RDI 9.5 Enhancements

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Fun Times for RDi Users With v 9.5

RDI 9.5 Enhancements, Version 9.5 of Rational Developer for i is now available. It does require a re-install—not just an update.  So what’s new in RDi V9.5?

RDI 9.5 Enhancements

The most significant new feature is the capability to format (or more accurately re-format) your free-form logic. What we’re talking about here is the matter of indentation of the code.Let’s say, for example, you have a FOR or DOx loop that has a SELECT/WHEN block nested inside it and an IF/ELSE block nested inside that. Now you need to add another level of nesting with another IF/ELSE block that falls between the FOR/DOx and the SELECT block.

One of the benefits of free-form logic is the capability to indent code to show the levels of nesting. This makes it easier for the next programmer coming along to follow the logic. Needless to say, this makes it critical that the indentation is accurate! Even if we make the bold assumption that the original code was indented properly to begin with (sadly in our experience, this is often not the case), introducing a new level in the middle requires shifting a bunch of code around to get the indentation to correctly reflect the nesting levels. There are various ways to do this manually, of course, but it was often not done properly or at best was time-consuming to do and tended to be somewhat error-prone. The new formatter only works on code that is already in free format—including file and data declarations, etc.

The built-in formatter for RDi V9.5 can be used on a specific block of code or, if no block is selected, the entire member is formatted.

The Crtl+Shift+F keyboard shortcut will invoke it or you can use menu options—either under the Source menu or via the right-click context menu under Source.You do have a few options on how the formatting is done. These are controlled via preferences on a new Formatter preference page under ILE RPG parser preferences.

There are options for how many spaces to indent and an option for whether or not you want WHEN/OTHER statements within a SELECT block indented. Take a look at the preference page to find a few others.



Source: IBM Systems Magazine – Fun Times for RDi Users With V9.5 Enhancements