Node.js on IBMi

Node.js on IBMi | The power to modernise legacy applications

Node.js on IBMi

Node.js is an open source project based on Google Chrome V8 Engine. Node.js on IBMi provides a platform for server-side JavaScript applications running without browsers.

The event-driven, non-blocking I/O model makes it lightweight and very efficient. It also provides several built-in modules to simplify programming, especially for networking applications. Additionally, there are more third-party modules that can be easily installed with the built-in npm (Node Packaged Modules) tool.

The node.js engine allows you to run JavaScript code without the need for a browser.

The Node.js engine converts the JavaScript into machine code.

Node.js on IBMi

 Node.js on IBMi

Node.js is now being delivered and packaged for IBM i with the new IBM i product 5733-OPS – Open Source for IBM i – Option 1. This new offering includes the following:

  • Node.js runtime – Core Node.js runtime engine compiled to run in PASE on IBM i
  • DB2 for i access library  – Allows user to access content stored in DB2 for i.
  • Node.js toolkit for IBM i  – Allows user to access IBM i system resources, such as system status, system values, job information, message queue, object information, ILE Programs etc.
Note:  Node.js is a registered trademark of Joyent, Inc. in the United states and other countries. This module is not formally related to or endorsed by the official Joyent Node.js project.

Getting Started

To get going with Node.js on IBM i, use the following instructions

Software Prerequisites
How to obtain the new Open Source for IBM i Product – 5733OPS
Install & Setup Node.js on IBM i
Verifying the Node.js Environment
Running ‘Hello World’ in Node.js on IBM i
DB2 Access from Node.JS
Access IBM i Native Objects

API Reference

DB2 for i access APIs
Toolkit for IBM i APIs

Node.js Updates

It contains all the node.js PTF information.

Node.js updates

Additional References

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