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LG Smart TVs phone home with viewing habits and USB file names | Naked Security

security hole in Samsung TVs which could have allowed hackers to get in to your television, watch you, change channels and plant malware.

Now, a UK blogger, known only as ‘DoctorBeet’, has apparently discovered that his LG Smart TV has actually been sending data about his family’s viewing habits back to the South Korean manufacturer.

After some investigation he found that his Smart TV would send data back to LG, even after he disabled an option in the system settings menu called “Collection of watching info.”

He said that his LG set, model number LG 42LN575V, connects to a non-functional URL with details of the times and channels being watched.

Worse still, he also discovered that the filenames of some media on a USB device connected to the TV were also transmitted, saying that:

My wife was shocked to see our children’s names being transmitted in the name of a Christmas video file that we had watched from USB.

This discovery prompted DoctorBeet to create a mock video file which he transferred to a USB stick. He deliberately chose a filename – Midget_Porn_2013.avi – that couldn’t possibly be confused with the TV set’s firmware. After connecting the USB drive to his TV he later found that the filename had been transmitted in an unencrypted format to GB.smartshare,

Strangely, not all filenames belonging to media on USB devices were transmitted:

via LG Smart TVs phone home with viewing habits and USB file names | Naked Security.

Gertboard order has been delayed

After a short wait my Gertboard has finally arrived. The package I assumed was the Gertboard was actually a gift from those fine people at Yorkshire Tea. Due to high demand the delivery of my Gertboard will now be 19th November, guess I’ll just have to experiment with the breadboard and LEDs for now.

The board comes in kit form, I’ll post on my progress assembling the kit.

Raspberry PI add-on board - Gertboard
Assembled Gertboard (determined mine will look like this)

The Gertboard is an expansion board for the Raspberry PI designed by Gert Van Loo (the guy that designed the original alpha hardware for the Raspberry PI). Gertboard expands the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins and will allow you to interface with the outside world.

Soldering is easy:

Purchase Gertboard:

Gertboard resources:

Gertboard assembly manual:

Gertboard user manual:

Gertboard test progams

Car radio – no memory

I recently purchased a new stereo for my van: Clarity CCE203DAB £69.99 from Halfords online: link

Installation was a breeze, took all of 5 minutes. After turning the ignition off and then on again I realized it had no memory, the same problem as my last stereo (due to the wiring of my vehicle). I updated as the old stereo was cassette and I wanted to see what DAB radio was like, have to say DAB is awesome. So many channels, very quick to scan channels and so so clear.

Anyway, the wires on the stereo are colour coded: yellow = memory+. Red = accessory.

Memory needs to be connected to permanent live and accessory to ignition live. The cabling in my van was the other way round. Maybe because it is a French model? or just a few years old?

To solve my problem I cut the red and yellow cable on the radio connector (didn’t want to alter the van wiring) and connected the other way round (red to yellow, yellow to red). Before doing this I tested with a multi-meter to make sure the wiring from my van had permanent live going to where the yellow wire will be and ignition live going to where the red wire will be.

Next step is to install an aerial splitter so I can use the original van aerial for DAB and FM. I know the aerial should be different as the FM aerial may be to long but we’ll see what happens, don’t want to be drilling holes to fit a new aerial and the magnetic one I have wouldn’t last five minutes on the motorway.