Coast to Coast 2011. From Whitehaven to Sunderland – on a mountian bike

On the 27th June 2011. Starting in Whitehaven on the West Coast and riding to Sunderland on the East Coast.
~155 miles in 3 days using routes 71 & 7

  • Day 1       Whitehaven to Greystoke
  • Day 2       Greystoke to Stanhope
  • Day 3       Stanhope to Sunderland

If anybody does wish to sponsor I’ve set up a British Heart Foundation fund page in memory of my father, this fund page will stay online after this event and will be used for more events in the future. Money donated to the fund will be spent on research into heart disease.

The Sean Mc Neill Gift of Hope Fund

Day 1

Hospital Stop. Then Day 1 Part 2

Day 2 (Ouch)

Day 3 (missed tracking the start, massive climb from a valley for ages right after breakfast. Just what we needed)